Sunday, November 1, 2009

Testing Testing.

Mic check. Does this place still work?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Problem with ears?

I have noticed that a lot of people on the internet have a problem with hearing... well how do I know this?

Mainly because they have no sense for music and or talent.

I will make this short.

If you dont think there is an ounce of talent in this song... well then you are clearly a pompous pretentious idiot.... or just a close minded.

I know we all think differently and never see eye to eye. But realize this is mainstream music.. not because its over produced and record label flooded... but because the artist are amazing. Commons last album blew loads, but is still on of the best rappers out there. He does not have the best track records but has a few of the best songs. Kanyes last was his best, all of him albums "sound like the best of".

Thats is.

Monday, April 6, 2009

"The Water"

"The Water", directed by Kevin Drew (of "Broken Social Scene"), stars Leslie Feist (Feist) & Cillian Murphy (Sunshine, The Dark Knight, 28 Days Later). Drew says “The song has so much real, honest and raw age to it" we will see if he can follow that up. The short airs on Friday April 10th.
See Full Article at

Friday, April 3, 2009

"Steel Life" by Mathieu Gérard

I have taken no part in the creation of this... but I honestly think this is some of the most incredible, inspiring, and most of all gorgeous pieces of art... I have seen possibly ever.. From the visuals to the composing... brilliant.

Steel Life from Mathieu Gérard on Vimeo.

My Master Thesis graduation film.

Music by Mathieu Alvado, interpreted by the Star Pop Orchestra at Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris.

Contractor : Christophe Elliot.

Editing and mixing by Thibaut Maillart, Etienne Graindorge.

Sound recording by Etienne Oury, Benoit Navarret, Thibaut Maillart, Etienne Graindorge.

More details on :

J.J. Abrahms is my Hero...

I watched this video a little after it was release (Jan 2008) and would now be considered old... but I feel will always be essential. If you are a film maker watch this...

VW *Banned Commercial

This is why VW is legit... This commercial was banned in the UK for fear that children might try and copy. If my kids could do this... I would be proud.

Lost Zombies - A Documentary

The premise of "Lost Zombies" starts with its network. The network/group/collective is producing a documentary on the fictional rise of zombies in 2007. Instead of going out and shooting it them self's they are accepting user submitted content. They have a criteria/shot list of sorts, a Grid, that needs to be filled piece by piece. Its a project that will be completed by the audience and for the audience. Very ambitious, I absolutely adore & admire this.

Check out the Timeline: [LINK]

Facebook the new Wal-Mart?

Is Facebook the new Walmart? This question recently posed by MSN Money. [Article is worth the read] MSN says Facebook is taking out other popular Internet services like, MySpace,, Google (messenger), Yahoo (messenger), Microsoft's MSN (messenger) and even goes as far as taking out services such as With the ability to email, instant message, read news, create invites and connect with people with common interest who needs anything else?

"The idea of linking people with common interests into online communities is as old as the Internet. But lately, social networking has exploded. Ratings company Nielsen recently reported that time spent on social networks and blogging sites had grown by 63% last December compared with a year before. Three of four adults in the U.S. now participate."

This article hit really close to home with... mainly because I was bashing Facebook as a service a few hours before I read this. The problem I have with face book is its audience. When I join a social network I don't want to join a network with the "most users". I want to join a network with users that share common interest with me. From what I have experienced Facebook users are heavily college based... and as the article reads "is attracting and older audience".

This forced me to take a step back and ponder on "what is my audience".
My audience is the youthful, the creative, the inspired, and the talented. Facebook does not offer something for these personalities. A hefty reason why I appreciate MySpace more than Facebook is the customization... the ability to make "your space" your own. Having, an individual look, and visual presence is important to me as an artist. Facebook strips you of the ability to express you self visually. As a film maker and graphic designer I want to share my image, my visuals, and my ocular presence with my, audience, piers and with my self. Facebook does not offer what I want as an ARTIST.

I recently had a conversation with a friend about people that consider them self's "Artist". He had stated that persons considering them self's "Artist" are pretentious. I had to agree with him to a certain extent. To consider your art more important or meaningful than something of a lesser caliber, i.e. a carpenter or painter, is pretentious. I do respond with this tho. Isn't that the point of art? To push the envelope to raise the bar to depart from the norm? To create something new, a renaissance?

I fell that in order to progress as an artist you need to be pushed... you must be shown that you are not the best, you have to see multiple forms of art, you need to be constantly inspired by other forms, let it be a painting lending to a film or a film lending to music... and the list and combination go on. You need a muse and Facebook is clearly not for me.

Facebook is NOT for ARTIST

Facebook is for the PUBLIC

My thoughts... I promised never to go personal but... this just rubbed me the wrong way... FACEBOOK IS WALMART...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

NIN - "Strobelight"

Off the track listing: "Everybody's Doing It" (featuring chris martin, jay-z AND bono)

"To download NIN's new full-length album Strobe Light, PRODUCED BY TIMBALAND, enter a valid email address in the fields below. A download link will be sent to you immediately. Your credit card will be charged $18.98 plus a $10 digital delivery convenience fee. Your files will arrive as windows media files playable on quite a few players with your name embedded all over them just in case you lose them. You will also receive an exclusive photo and a free email account with our partner Google's Gmail service.

Your email will be kept confidential and will not be used for spam, unless we can make some money selling it." - NIN

Best April Fools joke I saw all day...
Funny that its "Produced by Timbaland"... ohh Cornell "watch out"! [LINK]

Digg Dialogg with Reznor

You have questions, we’ll get you answers!
Digg Dialogg lets you submit your questions to notable leaders and luminaries. Rather than editors or journalists, the Digg community decides the most popular questions to be posed in the interview, so submit a question for Trent Reznor!" -

If you have ever had questions for Trent Reznor now is the time to voice them. If you happen to be crazy about Trent... like I may be... you can follow him on Twitter.

"If I Had a Heart" - Fever Ray

by: Fever Ray
off of:"Fever Ray"

"If I had a Heart" is the most remarkable video I have seen in quite sometime. The unsettling mood, mostly driven by the composition of shots & subject, surges the video beyond what you would expect. The fluid motion of the camera and subtle movements of the subjects build upon the musical elegance. The album is without a doubt worth a listen. Catch an ear full at the official site.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Phoenix's new Album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" is set to be available May 25th. They are offering a free download of the song "1901". The track has been one to circulate my most recent playlist... its worth the listen. Also worth a listen is "It's Never Been Like That", "Alphabetical" & "Untitled". Catch Phoenix on SNL April 4th.. I hear Seth Rogan is hosting..!